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About us

New Earth provides waste treatment using proven mechanical, biological and energy recovery technologies. The Company’s design, build, finance and operate capabilities deliver recycling and landfill diversion performance, helping customers to achieve or exceed their targets.

New Earth has two existing operational in-vessel composting (IVC) facilities and three mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facilities. Its first commercial energy recovery scheme is now also operational.

New Earth currently manages around 450,000 tonnes of waste a year. Further growth will follow from additional waste treatment developments and the generation of low-carbon renewable energy.

New Earth Solutions' head office, in Verwood, Dorset

The Company currently has around 240 staff employed at its head office in Dorset and at its six operating sites.

New Earth has a unique approach to funding its facilities and this has allowed us to continue investment in new facilities and services in spite of turbulent economic times. In 2008 New Earth and its fund management partners established an open-ended investment fund to invest in the infrastructure being developed by the Company. This has facilitated cost-effective funding to support its continued growth, while minimising shareholder dilution. Conventional bank debt has also been introduced through project finance and re-finance post commissioning.

New Earth’s energy recovery facility at Avonmouth utilises New Earth Advanced Thermal (NEAT technology supplied by NEAT Technology Group Ltd.