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New Earth started examining Advanced Conversion Treatment in 2008 to close the loop between waste treatment and energy recovery and achieve a first-to-market position in the successful commercial application of gasification and pyrolysis. We are targeting developments in the sector for the generation of renewable energy from refuse-derived fuels (RDF) produced by our own waste treatment facilities and also third party sources.

Our first Energy Recovery Facility at Avonmouth became operational in 2013.

Strong policy support exists for the diversion production of renewable energy to achieve national (UK) and EU policy objectives:

• The EU has set an objective for 20% of its total energy use (electricity, heat and transport) to be generated from renewable sources by 2020
• The UK Government has been allocated a target that 15% of the UKs energy requirement be provided from renewable sources by 2020.
• The Renewables Obligation Order incorporates strong fiscal support for renewable energy schemes

New Earth is well positioned to benefit from this strong policy support with a process that is capable of delivering a range of scalable biomass and waste to energy solutions, allowing it to tailor solutions to individual projects or customer circumstances. Our modular approach can be used to match local conditions, such as availability of waste streams to produce our ready to use fuel, local energy requirements for electricity and heat and other potential geographical constraints.

Now a separate business, New Earth Advanced Thermal (NEAT) has developed modular technology to treat RDF using pyrolysis and gasification techniques. The resulting energy produced can be exported to the local distribution grid as renewable electricity and also provides the option of recovering heat from the process for use in nearby commercial applications, such as space heating or refrigeration.

NEAT energy recovery technology, combined with New Earth’s MBT process, delivers an integrated, ‘closed-loop’ solution to dealing with waste – reducing landfill, enhancing recycling and generating renewable energy.

NEAT technology is operational at New Earth’s Avonmouth Energy Recovery Facility.

Visit the NEAT website to find out more.